The Tacoma Roots Summit

Tacoma Roots is a forum to engage in conversations about environmental issues, especially as they intersect with race, justice, health, community, and equity—with a focus on Tacoma and Pierce County.

The Tacoma Roots Summit is the first event hosted by the Tacoma Roots: Environmental Justice Forum. It will be a time to hang out with all our friends and hopefully learn some ways we can help take care of the environment. Like we do in our Facebook group, this summit will bring together people in our community who believe we can better take care of people and our environment if all our communities are involved in the work. We aim to radically include people of color, in particular, because historically the environmental movement has not included them (us).
We will do a few things at this first summit, including giving an introduction to who and what Tacoma Roots is, but the primary topic of the evening will be the Tideflats Subarea Plan. If you don’t know what that is, perfect. We’ll explain everything at the summit. For now, know that we’re going to discuss how we can come up with a plan for how to 1) make sure the Port of Tacoma is used for the economic, health, and environmental benefit of everyone and 2) make sure people of color, especially tribe members and those disproportionately effected by the port’s pollution, have an active role in making decisions about the port’s future. We will have TED-inspired talks and group discussions and networking opportunities to keep the event moving and fun.
At future summits we will be discussing food sovereignty and health disparities. Whatever each summit’s topic is, we’re hoping you’ll be excited to be there if you’re interested in looking at things through an environmental justice lens—taking seriously the idea that environmental benefits and burdens should be fairly distributed among all communities and that people of color should be included in decision making roles in the creation of environmental policy.
The event is free (!!!) and we are looking for sponsors right now to ensure that food (!!!) and childcare (!!!) are also provided. We will inform you as soon as possible if we are unable to make that happen, but I believe in us—don’t you?
We would like to thank the community partners who are supporting this event, Evergreen Tacoma and Citizens for a Healthy Bay.
If you would like to help partner in this event or future Tacoma Roots events, please let us know.
We’re asking people to RSVP so we can make plans for food and childcare, but we will let anyone in, with or without a ticket. This is an event for everyone. But if you can, please RSVP for free tickets here:

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