Work History/Clients

2014 Carol Milgard Breast Center: Health Disparitites

In June 2011, CMBC began a consulting contract with the Northwest Leadership Foundation to facilitate monthly meetings designed to address health disparities in the African American Community.  Out of these meetings came the designation of a task force, specifically to think strategically about more collaborations to promote training, education and early outreach in the African American and medical communities. The overall strategy of the task force is to develop a stakeholder-driven collaboration that speaks with reliability, validity, and sensitivity to the central issues that African American women need to know about breast cancer, promoting positive breast health and helping decrease mortality rates of breast cancer among peers. This scope of work addressed the communication needs of the group and set the framework for a communication plan and key deliverables for the task force.


  • Background and Key Language Document
  • Facilitated Group discussion
  • Graphic identity
  • Communication Plan
  • Targeted Communication Tools

2013 City of Tacoma: Neighborhood Council Program

Every five years the city reviews Tacoma Municipal Code 1.45 related to the Neighborhood Council program and makes recommendations to the City Council for consideration. As part of that process, We assisted the city in conducting extensive public outreach to collect input from the public and key stakeholders to help inform these recommendations. Including public involvement planning, implementing a public survey, outreach and collection of public input, facilitating focus groups, and summarizing data collection.


  • Creation of survey online and print version
  • Support in outreach, distribution, and collection of public input
  • Summarizing the survey results
  • Support in the facilitation of focus groups
  • Co-production of presentation and data collection (focus group and/or survey) from City of
  • Neighborhood Event
  • Final report summarizing survey and focus group feedback
  • Recommendations for a more effective web site presence

2013 Northwest Leadership Foundation: Brand Awareness Campaign

Facilitated staff discussion to develop a comprehensive communication plan and implement strategies that will achieve NLF’s strategic business goals. During that period of time, I developed several new communication vehicles such as an electronic newsletter and website. In addition, I supported the National Leadership Foundations’ Mentorship Initiative by implementing a cloud-based project management platform that included document sharing, shared calendar, project milestones and timeline, video conferencing, social productivity, and user friendly action boards.

2013 First 5 Fundamentals: Infant/Toddler Consulting Program

The State Department of Early Learning is preparing to implement a Quality Rating and Improvement System (Seeds to Success) for licensed child care providers. First 5 FUNdamentals participates as a privately-funded pilot site in the state. Through our partners, we are implementing quality improvements in licensed child care. We focus on helping providers in our Targeted Investment Communities. Providers will be linked to high-quality child development tools and assessment. To help coordinate this work, First 5 FUNdamentals is creating a cloud-based program management tool to: conduct care provider reports; provide access to training tools and resources; and allow for stakeholders to track progress of the program.


  • Conduct information interview to identify communication needs
  • Research and suggest best tools to use to accomplish the goals
  • Create a cloud-based program management tool to: conduct care provider reports; provide access to training tools and resources; and allow for stakeholders to track progress of the program.

2012 WSDOT: I-90 Environmental Justice Review/Tacoma Narrows Bridge Toll Rate Setting

Given that tolling is relatively new, my position played an important role by keeping the public informed about the agencies activities; the financial plans of each facility; and traffic and revenue forecasts of each facility. Additionally, this position supports multiple public engagement plans for current and planned tolling facilities across the state, which includes coordinating public input to a legislative directed study to review pricing, fairness, traffic and economic effects related to tolling I-90.

2007 Tacoma Urban League: Communication Strategy and Public Involvement

Managed and implemented communications strategies and objectives. Identify main client groups and audiences and determine the best way to communicate publicity information to them. Develop and maintain the company’s corporate image and identity. Created interesting and effective press releases, prepare information for media kits and developed and maintained company website. Managed a communications budget. Managed special events to gain public attention through the media without advertising directly. Worked directly with individual departments to increase internal communication effectiveness.