My Plan Workbook

Over the years I have worked with a number of organizations that are trying to find ways to help the individuals they serve achieve their personal, financial, and career goals. These organizations have been in the fields of housing, workforce development, healthcare, and education and they all face a similar challenge of finding the right tools to help guide and support individuals through the process of setting goals, taking steps toward achieving them, and building on their progress.

The myPlan Workbook is just that. I’ve used my experience to create this plan with an client-led, strength-based approach in mind. I believe that quality coaching combined with creating a written personal plan is an effective strategy to achieve success. I also bring a unique communications background into thinking about the aesthetic design and flow of this workbook that I hope you appreciate.


How to order copies?

I welcome the opportunity to discuss the tool and other ways that I might help support the work of your organization.



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