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Facilitator & Consultant

Community Development | Non-profit Management | Family Stability Initiatives

Director of Family Stability Initiatives

I have more than a decade of experience working in both the non-profit and government sectors on a broad range of issues including education, housing, and workforce development.

I currently work as the Director of Family Stability Initiatives for United Way of Pierce County. My position is responsible for leading initiatives and other systems-level change activities to reduce poverty and increase the number of families that are financially stable in Pierce County. This includes launching the Center for Strong Families (CSF) that responds to the problem of persistent poverty, financial instability, and low-wage stagnation among families. The core components of the model are aimed at helping working families increase their earning potential through job training or education, retain those earnings through better financial management, and grow their income. This model has been proven to help low to moderate-income families make progress toward moving out of poverty.

My position supports multiple organizations to create a strong network of providers by providing backbone support, seed funding, program guidance, training, and technical assistance. My role in the network establishes and maintains quality standards of service, holds programs accountable for results, and tracks common outcomes that align with the model. 



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